Marlo has been producing and installing permanent sall pieces aculpture, murals and functional art since 1977. He works with ceramic tile, terrazzo & stone; shaping, forming and glazing the clay elements by hand. With the support of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D.C., he has developed new techniques for fabricating furniture and sculptures, using tile facings on ferro-cement with polystyrene substrates. His work includes sculpture, indoor and outdoor walls, fountains, floors and functional art and features durability and low-maintenance. Colors are myriad, non-fading and resistant to graffiti.


*City of Brea, CA, "Brea Airfield", Six 12ft 3 sided columns and 30f tundulating seating, 2013.

Surf and Sand Hotel, Laguna Beach, CA, ceramic pictorial mural, Spring, 2010.

Laguna Beach, CA., "Third Reef", Brooks Street Ceramic Mural on stair risers, 2009.

Glendale, AZ. 18 curved ceramic mosaic benches for development. 2007

*Lancaster, CA. Desert Mural, Wal-Mart, 2007.

*Palm Desert, CA. K B Homes, "Spanish Walk", 2006-2007.

*Playa Vista, CA. "Seachange", 4 Urns and 4 Benches. 2006.

Negril, Jamaica, Rick's Cafe, ceramic mosaic murals and floor design, 2006.

*Palm Desert, CA."Night And Day Palm Desert", Lowes Home Center, 8 triangular columns sculpture,8 ft x 32 ft. 2006.

*Ventura, CA., "Orion", 2006.

Laguna Beach, CA, Historic Mural restoration, Pottery Shack, 2006.

Palm Springs, CA, Palm Canyon Food Court design and installation, 2005-2006.

*City of Brea, CA., Nov 2005, Terra Cotta and art tile mosaic mural, 8 ft x 20 ft.

*Sunnyvale, CA, Cherry Orchard Project: two 28' obelisks, "Sakura East" & "Sakura West", October, 2001, four mosaic seating areas, 2002.

*San Diego, CA, "Uno Mundo, One World, Sypro" - Cancer Survivors Park, 20 ft diameter mosaic cupola, undulating bench, 12 ft long, mandala, 6 ft diameter and six other benches, 2002.

**Pensacola, FL, University of West Florida, Sculpture ,"The Nerve", entrance to Psychology Building, 2000.

*Port of San Diego, CA, National City Historic Railcar Plaza, tile replica of California China Products (from 1925), accents around plaza and parallel to railcar tracks, 1999.

Irvine & Orange, CA, Twin Dragon, - two ceramic mosaic restaurant facades, 1999-2000.

*Phoenix, AZ, "Blue Moon" - 24 ft. obelisk, Cancer Survivors Park, 1999.

Catalina Island, "Avalon Streetscape Restoration " Replica Tile, 1998-99.

Phoenix, AZ, "For E.H." Mosaic Seating, Phoenix International Airport, 1998.

*Los Angeles, CA, Westwood Village Streetscape"-Street Furniture & 3 Planters, 1997.

*Pasadena, CA, "88 West Colorado"- 4 Murals, 1997, collaboration with G. Myers.

Irvine, CA, Commemorative plaque -for the class of 2001, University High School, 1997.

*Rancho Mirage, CA.- Cancer Survivors Park, 3 Seating Areas. 1996.

*City of Palm Desert - Palm Desert Country Club, 21' Mosaic Obelisk Entry Monument 1995.

Laguna Beach High School, Laguna Beach, CA, Commemorative bench, Distinguished School tile plaque, Blue Ribbon school tile plaque, 1996.

Laguna Beach, CA, Thurston Benches, Thurston Middle School, 1996.

* L A County Harbors & Beaches,, Zuma Beach, CA, Gateway Mosaic 1995.

*City of Los Angeles, CA, The Renaissance Towers, Two 30' pyramids,one 30' column, 1994.

Buena Park, CA, Nutrilite Products, Inc, ceramic mosaic benches, terrazzo entry floor and ceramic murals including photo silkscreen technique, 1997.

Pasadena, CA, Ahmanson Financial Plaza, fountain 4 granite benches with pictorial historic ceramic murals on bench backs, 1994.

*City of Burbank, CA, Cusumano Development - Mural, benches, tile crests, 1992.

Costa Mesa, CA & Huntington Beach, CA, Quiksilver - Corporate Office, - Terrazzo entry floor logo,terrazzo lobby floor with surfboard & flower images, ceramic mosaic columns & platforms.

Huntington Beach, CA, Waterfront Hilton, three fountains, "Seahorse", "Compass" & "Dolphin" 1990.

*Laguna Beach, CA, Sawdust Festival, Drinking Fountain Wall, Fireplace, Entry Archways. 1990.

*City of Irvine, CA, Irvine Medical Center, Wall fountain, 12'x12', 1990.

West Hollywood, CA, Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences,"Emmy Plaza", two 50 ft. undulating sculptures & 7 cubes, 1990.

Laguna Beach, CA, Laguna Art Museum, "Elements", bench in front of museum, "Drinking Fountain Wall", 1989.

Palm Springs, CA, Elaine Horwitch Gallery, ceramic mosaic seating & mosaic mural with snake, 1985

City of Laguna Beach, CA, "Canyon Chess & Checkers" , Main Beach, Sculpture of chairs and chess table, N.E.A. Grant, 1981.



Landscape Architects:
SWA Group

Architects: Frank Gehry, Michael Kiner Assoc., Morris Skenderian

Designers: Steve Chase Assoc., Braselle Design.

Artists:Eric Johnson, Astrid Preston, Peter Shire, Gifford Myers


City of Brea, CA

San Jose, CA  Lunardi's Market, 4 Murals

Antigua, WI, plaques

Home Savings of America, 7 U.S. Iocations -ceramic pictorial murals with mosaic elements:

Palm Desert, CA, Thousand Oaks, CA, Columbus, OH, Pembroke Pines, FL, Dunedune, FL, Monterey Park, CA, Woodland Hills, CA

Romeo Cucina Restaurants, 3 U.S. Iocations - murals, custom light fixtures.

Charthouse Restaurants, 11 U.S. Iocations - murals:

San Juan Puerto Rico, Miami, FL, Ventura, CA, Kona, HI, Malibu, CA, Haleiva, HI, Cohassett, MA, Warwick, Rochester, CN

Kaneoe, HI, Newport Beach, CA


Laguna Art Museum, CA,
Long Beach Museum, CA,
City of Laguna Beach, CA
City of Los Angeles, CA
City of Palm Desert, CA
City of Sunnyvale, CA
City of Burbank, CA

Goldstein's, Brussels, BELGIUM

Rick's Cafe, Negril, JAMAICA

City of Brea, CA.

University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL
Joan Simon Menkes, Bel Air, CA
Patricia & Gene Cooper, Laguna Beach, CA
Fala & Danny Powers, Pacific Palisades, CA.
Debi & Tom Pavlic, Laguna Beach, CA .
Marsha & Robin Williams.San Francisco, CA
Elaine Horwitch, Scottsdale, AZ .
Mariam Wosk, Beverly Hills, CA
Judy Kenyon, San Marino, CA
Mandy & Cliff Einstein, Brentwood, CA
Kathleen Sullivan, New York, NY
Suzanne & Ted Paulson, Laguna Beach,CA
LeeAnn & Steve Schwartz, Westwood, CA
Annette & Richard Bloch, Rancho Mirage, CA
Annette & Ted Lerner, Rancho Mirage, CA
Steve Chase, Rancho Mirage, CA
Narij & Stuart Katz, Paris & Cot d' Azur, FRANCE
Nancy & Robert Englund
Barbara Klein
Karen Huber & Nathan Rosenberg
Judy & Tony Richmond
Mary & Matt Lawson
Mariam & Mark Singer
Joe Ambrose
Tammi Arnold
Mike Federson
Kelly & Steve Ellman
Stephanie & Morris Skenderian
Steve Josephson
Jill & Chris Gwaltney

Pat & Bill Hancock, Laguna Beach, CA
Steve Causey, Laguna Beach, CA  


Artist-in-Residence, Fullerton College, 2012.
Venice Family Clinic invitational Annual Art Auction & Show, Venice Beach, CA  1986-current.

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"Friends of Terra Cotta" -Preservation, Arch. Terra Cotta.

''Tile Heritage Foundation"-Preservation/Identification.

Trustee - Laguna Art Museum, 1996-98.

Collections committee - Laguna Art Museum. 1998-2006..


Artist-in-Residence, Fullerton College, 2012
M.A. Art, California State University,Fullerton.
B.A. Art, California State University, Long Beach
Laguna Beach Architectural Guild, winner, 1999
Design Awards Program, "Furniture/ Fixtures category.
National Endowment for the Arts - Grant - Building Arts 1981-1982. Survey of California Historical Tile and Innovative Research into Ferro-cement with Polystyrene and Ceramics.
National Endowment for the Arts - Grant - Ceramic Workshop - 1977. With Ron Nagle and Richard Shaw. Low Fire Ceramics and Porcelain workshops at Laguna Beach School of Arts.
National Endowment for the Arts - Grant - Master Craftsman Apprentice -1978. Funds to hire an apprentice for nine months.